About Travel Buzz

What is Travel Buzz?

Travel Buzz is simply the best interactive website to share and learn what makes others buzz travel-wise. It’s designed for people like you who:
• Love to learn about travel
• Want to identify with fellow travellers
• Have an insatiable wanderlust
• Want to share their travel experiences with others
• Have something unique to say

Our Mission

“To boldly go where no man has gone before”, but apparently that’s already been done. We’ll settle for being a platform to exchange brief, interesting snippets of travel information with like-minded globetrotters.

Here’s How we Differ

Travel Buzz gets right to the point with 5 interview questions. Forget boring and long-winded bios (yawn!) – Travel Buzz is snappy, peppy and straight to the point while encouraging some truly original off-the-wall answers.

So if you’ve gone barefoot in Borneo, surfed in Sydney, haggled in Hawaii, tramped in Tasmania, zorbed in New Zealand or got lost in La Paz, you’ve probably got something to say.

Over to You

Tell us about your best holiday ever, favourite places, weird foods, hidden treasures, amazing wildlife, cultural faux pas or whatever springs to mind by answering 5 pithy questions.

Ready? Get set to inspire us… go for it and be interviewed! It’s really quick & easy!