Alexa Hart

Alexa Hart is the founder and host of Atlas Sliced, the ONLY interview-based web show serving up advice on how to live and work abroad.

Here are some fun facts about Alexa. She’s lived on three different continents. She got malaria when she went to Uganda on a family vacation. She taught English is Korea for two years. She quit her job in 2009 and bought a one-way ticket to Peru to pursue her passion for travel.

She is terrified of waves, and she has lived through two living nightmares: In Indonesia, the boat she was riding encountered massive waves, which went OVER the boat! In Thailand, there were some big earthquakes in the Indian Ocean, and a tsunami alert was triggered. After evacuating to higher ground, there was a tiny tsunami (Phew!). Despite her fear of waves, she became dive certified in Coron, Philippines and saw some cool WWII wrecks.

What was your first travel experience?

I'll tell you about my earliest international travel memory. It was when I was in 6th grade, and my mom was going to Guadalajara, Mexico for a convention. My parents decided to take my sister and me with them. We stayed at their friend's house in his Mexican home. It was super cool to get an authentic experience inside a native's home and get a taste for a developing country.

What's your favourite accent from around the world?

Any accent from a Spanish-speaking country. I think Spanish is the sexiest language in the world.

Are you a mountains or beach type of person? Why?

I love the beauty and fresh air of BOTH! Here's why. The beach is super relaxing, and when the waves/rip current aren't too rough, it's fun to cool off in the water. I also love how the beach changes every single day. I used to volunteer on the beach when I went to university, and it was so fun to see the differences in the shore habitat. One big drawback: I am scared of big waves and tsunamis. I love the coziness of a campfire or a fireplace in the winter on a mountain. I also really like to hike. The views that I have seen while hiking have been breathtaking.

If you could spend New Year's Eve in one city around the world, which city would you choose?

Tough question! I might pick Rio de Janeiro since I have never been there, and the nightlife seems fun. As long as I am with good company, it doesn't matter where I am located!

What's one thing you always forget to pack when travelling?

I'm pretty solid when it comes to remembering what to pack. I forgot sunblock a few times, but luckily I was able to buy it when I arrived at my destination! Gotta love the 21st century. If you forget something, you can usually find it along the way.

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