Andrea Rees

I’ve been a professional portrait photographer since 2003. My work has been published in a variety of media from magazines to television. I’m an avid traveller with an insatiable wanderlust that has only gotten stronger since I turned 40.

I am an iPhoneographer and iPhone enthusiast. In June 2012, I started Wandering iPhone, a blog dedicated to iPhoneography and travel and all things related. I share tips about iPhone photography, the iPhone for travel and general photography and iPhone tips in capturing images during your travels and of children.

In your opinion, which three things does a holiday destination need?

For me, history, culture and scenery are necessary. I love to immerse in the culture as much as possible and learn about the history. As a photographer, scenery is a must.

Do you prefer to take pictures of landscapes or people?

I truly love both, but it depends on where I am. If I'm travelling, I cannot resist a good landscape. In my every day life and as a professional portrait photographer I'd have to say people.

When you travel, how do you keep your photo gear safe?

I carry it in a camera backpack and keep it in front of me rather than behind hugging it closely. However, since March 2010 I've solely used my iPhone for my travel photography so no longer have that worry.

Do locals ever ask you to receive a copy of your pictures?

It has happened and I also happily offer.

What is the most breathtaking place you have ever taken pictures of?

So far the highlands of Scotland have been the most breathtaking to me, but I'm about to travel to Africa so that will likely change.

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