Beth Saunders

My name is Beth Saunders and I study at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. I’m currently in my final year of the Commerce program and concentrating in Marketing. I’ve been studying in Prague, Czech Republic since September and will return home to Canada just before Christmas. I’ve been travelling to surrounding countries during the weekends and have tried to see as much of Prague as possible. In my spare time at home I enjoy volunteering with AIESEC Memorial, sewing, making jewellery, blogging and beefing up my social media skills.

As a student what do you look for from your travel experience, luxury locations or back-packing trekking?

Back-packing trekking for sure. I'm more into sight-seeing, nature, and the beauty of a city. I really enjoy funky architecture, parks, and anything out of the ordinary that will make you go "WHOA!".

What countries do you think are most receptive to student travellers?

Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, some Asian countries, etc. These are all great countries with unique histories and culture that are relatively inexpensive and can be done with a minimal budget.

Travelling is said to be an important part of anyone's education because it opens the mind. Have you visited any countries that have changed your view of the world? If not, what countries do you think have the power to do this?

I have but nothing yet that has been entirely life changing. I'm currently studying in the Czech Republic on a semester abroad from Canada. There are definitely major differences between the countries as well as language barriers and it's caused me to look at things differently and be more appreciative of both my home country as well as the Czech Republic.

What's the craziest thing that's happened to you whilst traveling?

Getting on the wrong tram at night by myself and not having any idea where I was or how to get home. Thankfully I met English speaking police that helped me find my way, I was very lucky.

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