Chris Stevens

Chris is a surfer, photographer, traveller and writer from Devon in the UK. He ditched 9-5 life and headed off to backpack the world. When he’s not in the water catching some waves he’s busy exploring with his camera or blogging over at and

You can work pretty much where you want to – on the road, do you find it hard to work or do you just have fun and work when you come back home?

Nah I find a good balance of travel and work. To be honest now the blog is funding everything I HAVE to put the time in, else I simply have to head home! In saying that though I do have the fall back of being a surf coach and a photographer, so picking up a bit of paid work here and there isn't too hard.

Do you feel many people are envious of your lifestyle?

Yeah I guess so. A lot of people tell me I'm lucky to do what I do, but I put in the hard work and aimed for it, so less luck more being proactive. Saving up and travelling isn't the most difficult thing in the world to do, people just put up mental barriers!

In which countries have people recognised you, even when you thought nobody would?

I've had a couple of moments where I've been recognised - in the night market of Chang Mai some random backpacker came up to me and was like "are you Chris from Backpacker Banter?" - I was pretty stoked! I've also had a couple of moments like that on Koh San and also in Indo too - nice to bump into readers :)

Which three items would you never travel without?

1: iPhone (it's my main means of communication and camera) 2: Passport (well that's a given!) 3: Rehydration sachets (always good to have these for backpacker belly or a cheeky hangover cure!)

Are there any specific souvenirs or other things you collect from the places you go to?

To be honest I don't really buy anything anymore - mainly because I don't have the room! I have a shed load of pictures though so if I ever settle down my place will be crammed with travel pics!

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