Colleen Williams

Colleen Williams is an experienced marketing professional with a passion for travel. This led to the founding of the Ad-lib Traveller blog, where she creates and maintains all content. Originally from Birmingham, UK and currently living in London as a marketer in the travel industry, she is always planning the next trip.

Amongst other things, Colleen has trekked in the Lake District, bartered in Marrakech and feasted in Thailand. Blog topics have included The stress of pre-holiday packing, Travel etiquette: My top 5 travel peeves and 48-hours in Bangkok, Thailand.

You can work pretty much where you want to – on the road, do you find it hard to work or do you just have fun and work when you come back home?

As somebody that loves to make the most of technology, my smartphone is a lifesaver when working on the road. I tend to combine work and fun whilst travelling, whilst carefully managing my time so as not to detract from my enjoyment, so a smartphone and the relevant apps make it simple to work on the go without being weighed down by a laptop.

For example, when I was recently on a trip in Thailand, I worked from a mobile app on the night train between Bangkok and Suratthani to make as many notes as possible (whilst the rest of my group were fast asleep no less). This way, I didn't miss any action during the day and I prevented burdening myself with lots of notes.

Do you feel many people are envious of your lifestyle?

Unfortunately, travel isn't my full time job, so whilst people around me aren't envious (that I'm aware of), I do get a LOT of comments about the frequency of my trips and ability to organise them around my limited absence from my employment. I always have a trip or two lined up to keep my appetite satisfied, and I'm fortunate to be a sensible saver when it comes to budgeting!

In which countries have people recognised you, even when you thought nobody would?

Hmm, I haven't reached a stage where people are recognising me when I travel, although I have been recognised a couple of times at exhibitions. That was a welcomed surprise to know that my blog had been read and was a great conversation starter.

Which three items would you never travel without?

Just three... here goes: 1: My smartphone (camera, phone, blog, language apps and entertainment in one!) 2: Comfortable shoes. Whether they're trainers or sandals they need to be comfy as I walk A LOT. 3: An open-mind. I travel to expand the mindset, learn about new cultures and expand my horizons - literally. I try to avoid staying in resorts and mix with locals instead.

Are there any specific souvenirs or other things you collect from the places you go to?

I always collect fridge magnets! I used to collect other items but they were either too bulky or easy to lose. Now, I accessorise my home with items from trips but always get a fridge magnet... harder to lose and less breakable!

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