Geraint Rowland

I am a street and travel photographer from the UK. I have spent a large amount of time in the last five years in South America, mainly Peru. More recently I have spent time living in Mexico and Spain. Today I am flying to Senegal for a couple of months. I like capturing the beauty in the places I visit including: sunsets, nature and the ocean as well as capturing people in a candid way.

I have run street photography tours in Barcelona and Lima, Peru I have had my work exhibited in London, Wales and Lima. I have had several photographs published in national newspapers including Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times and the Guardian. My interests aside photography include surfing, street art, music and cerveza.

In your opinion, which three things does a holiday destination need?

For me, a lot of it has to do with the people, good people, friendly people, fun people. I am normally travelling on a budget so I look for less expensive places or countries that have options on pricing. Ideally, I like to be near the coast, and if it has surf, even better.

Do you prefer to take pictures of landscapes or people?

I like both, although I feel the best photos, or the ones that people can connect most with have a human element. I often like to incorporate both in the same image.

When you travel, how do you keep your photo gear safe?

I normally travel with just the one carry on bag so it limits the amount of kit I can take (no tripod for example and only a couple of lenses). I try and stay in places where I can lock my kit away or private rooms. In addition, I have my laptop, camera and lenses insured.

Do locals ever ask you to receive a copy of your pictures?


What is the most breathtaking place you have ever taken pictures of?

I often find sunsets over the ocean breathtaking as they can differ so much. A couple of years ago I spent a week in Machu Picchu hiking the different peaks, the view from Machu Picchu Mountain looking down over Machu Picchu is pretty amazing.

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