Kristi White

Life is meant to be experienced, we only get one shot at it (unless you believe in reincarnation). So do what you want to do. See the world and not from a tour bus. I have been fortunate to travel the world both for pleasure and for business and if you do it right, it is always pleasurable.

What was your favourite childhood holiday?

Any road trip with my family although at the time I would have told you they were sheer torture. My dad is a huge George Jones fan but on road trips would only bring one tape (yeah I'm old enough to remember tapes and 8 tracks). So we would listen to it for the entire trip (Southern Louisiana to Colorado).

My sister and I are certain that Walkmans were invited just for us. We would sit in the back of the family Suburban and play card games making up our own rules as we went along. We would bicker until our dad would finally utter the familiar words "Don't make me pull this car over".

As much as we dreaded those long drives we now look back at them and realize how lucky we were to see our beautiful country at 60 MPH together. We still reminisce about those trips and those road trip card game rules still apply.

Which city in the world has the best food?

Too hard to decide, I can generally find good food anywhere I go. The key is to ask the locals where they eat. The food in those restaurants is always better than any place that is geared for tourists. However, for sheer variety of choice, I love London or Barcelona or Rome or New York or...

Do you travel light? Or always overpack?

I am a light traveler. I can go to Europe for 10 days with a carry on. Light layers and interchangeable pieces are key. I was in London recently for a trade show and checked a piece a piece of luggage for the first time in 8 years. I was, however, very well dressed.

Where are three places you definitely want to see before you die?

Africa, the Great Wall of China and Turkey

Describe your scariest travel experience.

I backpacked through Europe in college with 3 girlfriends. One of our friends went off with a guy she met. We had three days where we had no idea where she was. Luckily she met us at our next destination no worse for the wear.

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