Meagan Ross

Meagan is the business owner of STOLA Nursing Wear, where she designs beautiful tops for breastfeeding moms. In addition to being the mom of two young boys who ensure that she never achieves REM sleep, she also consults for non-profits and writes freelance. She and her husband love exploring both near and far with their sons and, in her rare spare time, Meagan writes about travelling with kids on her site Mini Globetrotters.

You can work pretty much where you want to – on the road, do you find it hard to work or do you just have fun and work when you come back home?

A little bit from Column A and a little bit from Column B. I prefer to just relax and soak it all up when travelling, but I also make sure to keep all my tickets and receipts from restaurants, attractions and transits and have a tiny notebook in my purse in case the mood strikes while I'm out, or I think of something that I really don't want to forget to mention.

Do you feel many people are envious of your lifestyle?

I wouldn't say that, no. Especially since our travels have slowed somewhat since having kids. My blog is more about gear reviews and tips on travelling with children, rather than detailed accounts of all of our trips.

In which countries have people recognised you, even when you thought nobody would?

Oh, I'm nowhere near "big" enough for that! Someday though...

Which three items would you never travel without?

Camera, diapers and snacks ;)

Are there any specific souvenirs or other things you collect from the places you go to?

I used to collect fridge magnets until my fridge was overflowing. Now that we've got kids, we do the cheesy attraction photos and use them for our Christmas cards, much less storage needed...

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