Nat & Tim Harris

Together for close to a quarter of a century, A Cook Not Mad’s Tim and and Nat have indulged their passion for life and experience to the fullest, but they feel most alive when traveling, cooking and eating.

An award winning chef, Tim has dedicated his life and career to cooking and the pursuit of honest food. As a professional photographer, Nat records their adventures with incredible pictures of everyday life and the extraordinary.

They believe that everyone should get to know a culture by learning about the foods they eat and living like locals as much as they can.

You can work pretty much where you want to – on the road, do you find it hard to work or do you just have fun and work when you come back home?

In the past we have worked hard, saved money and then gone on extended trips. This time we left after one and a half years of hard work; we're currently house sitting and doing freelance writing. We're hoping to be able to make it work and extend our travels indefinitely or until we decide to do something else.

Do you feel many people are envious of your lifestyle?

We have found that people react in strange ways, from being genuinely happy for us to outright jealousy and hatred. We have a hard time understanding that because we truly believe that we make the choices that we live with.

Do you feel many people are envious of your lifestyle?

Haha we're not that big, yet.

Which three items would you never travel without?

A credit card, camera, passport.

Are there any specific souvenirs or other things you collect from the places you go to?

On our last trip through Europe, Tim ended up with a large amount of beer coasters. We also like to buy small souvenirs like stamps or tiny drawings and paintings.

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Nat & TimHarris
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