Steve Miller

Steve Miller is Korea’s best-known travel video journalist. His videos have been viewed over 2 million times and seen on major international media outlets in Korea, France, the Philippines, Thailand, and CNNGo. In addition to sharing his entertaining and informative videos, he writes for various Korean Tourism publications and shares travel and culture advice on Korea’s domestic and international radio television stations.

When you travel, do you get any perks because of your job?

Many times I will arrange accommodations, tours, or entrance to an attraction as part of a story for an article. Organizers will usually provide complementary packages for members of the Press, which is nice.

You must be a very communicative person. How do you overcome awkward moments caused by cultural differences?

I can't think of any awkward moments. I think that's because I'm always learning and trying to get to know the people I am with. If I am visiting a new country, then I really want to dive into the local customs and experience life there.

Have you ever worked somewhere where press was very restricted? How did you deal with that?

I've been places where the taking of photos or video was heavily regulated. While those images may have not been able to be captured, the mental ones were. It's these stories that were later shared.

In some cultures, people are more open to speaking to strangers and having their picture taken, in other's, talking to strangers is a no-go. Where have you found it hardest / easiest to do your job?

Usually, I find it more difficult to take photos/video of people on the street selling goods. Many think they're shaming their family by performing such a low-level job. I disagree and think they have incredible strength. While in Asia, I ask if I can't take their picture, can I take a picture of their hands to show how hard they work. This usually opens things up a little.

What is the most unique / bizzare news feature you have come across in international media?

Food. I'm always amazed what people deem as strange food. I love learning the stories about how these dishes came about.

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